Flight Options

Below are our recommended options for getting to us here in Jasna, Slovakia. These are based out of over 12 years experience of arranging transport and offer the best value for money and easiest onward options. If there are any questions please feel free to Contact Us with your needs or ideal departure point and the team will help you get the best option.


Flights from all over UK & Ireland including Heathrow

  • 3 hour transfer
  • Private Transfers available on request
  • Krakow Centre to Ruzomberok Bus for €8 each way, free pick up or drop off in Ruzomberok
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Return Train
  • 3 to 4 hour trains
  • Bar and Restaurants on board trains for comfort
  • Our team meet you at the train station
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return train
  • Private Transfers available 1.45 hours
  • Train Link 2 hours
  • Cheaper flights than Poprad, an excellent alternative to save money!
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For any questions regarding our recommendations above, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to a change in our changeover days with Wizzair to Poprad, at this time we are not offering the shuttle service from Krakow. Please get in contact to discuss with us travel if this is your ideal arrival option.

We will always advise prior to arrival if you will be expected to wait a longer amount of time so that you can decide if you would prefer to pay the private transfer fee which starts from £160 one way. Average waiting time is an hour at most and there are plenty of restaurants in the airport to stay warm and watered while we await other arrivals. For departures, shuttles will leave so to make the first flight out and you may have to leave earlier than you would need – this is the nature of the Shuttle to make it affordable for everyone. Again private transfers are available starting from £160

Poprad airport is very small and as of writing this (Jan ’16) London Luton is the only option for getting to this airport. We cannot stress just how close the airport is to us making it only 30 minutes from door to chalet – Even if you need to travel a little further in the UK, we highly recommend this option

If you have images of a communist style train with tightly packed carriages then you are wrong. The modern first class carriages that are on offer have free wifi, restaurants and bar on board and are extremely comfortable – makes for a easy journey across the winding countryside and into the mountain valleys…. A great option if you want to spend time in Bratislava as well

Our shuttle services are only for guests staying in our accommodation, however we can help you arrange Krakow and Poprad Airport Transfers through our partners if you require.

If all of the options listed above are out of the question, then the following airports may offer you access to the resort and have varying onward travel times – Vienna Airport, Budapest, Ostrava, Prague